‘Blackout is about love, passion, second chances, loyalty and family.

Book one in this Make You Mine Romance series is a fabulous read by debut author Kimberley Anne. The characters came across as real and caring. It’s a great read for fans of relationship drama and steamy romance. I can’t wait for book 2!’ 

Rhonda Stafford

‘Blackout is a captivating and steamy romance about Harley, a young woman searching for herself, her music and the love she left behind after a life-changing trauma. This first book in Kimberley Anne’s Make You Mine Romance series is an enjoyable and entertaining read, the characters are likeable and believable, and the plot flows nicely as the reader follows Harley and Zach as they try to find their own music and a path to love. A fabulous read for lovers of romance, relationships and second chances, and I am definitely looking forward to the next instalment.’ 

Sue Brown

‘Harley is the human embodiment of chaos, her life is all over the place and her anxiety is so out of control she literally blacks out when it overwhelms her, it’s full on. She works too much, she holds the weight of her family’s world on her shoulders, and they don’t seem to care too much.

Zach is the man we all want and need in our lives; his gentle understanding of Harley and her chaos is comforting and a refreshing change from some characters in romance books lately.

The story itself flows so well it is a wonderful read, it kept me entertained and wanting more once I was done. It is one I will re-read and that is saying a huge amount! This is a huge accomplishment for a debut novel. There is a little mystery, romance and not over-the-top but tasteful and well-done romance, a gentle and respectful but incredibly hot male lead, fun and music. Kimberley knocked this book out of the ballpark, and I truly look forward to reading what she writes next! (Black Eye…Cannot wait!!!)’

Tegan Chamberlain, Goodreads 5-star review

‘Harley James is all too human in her pursuit to face her grief, overcome her anxiety and find the right balance between living up to the expectations of her grandfather and fulfilling her role as the ‘perfect’ manager and saviour of her family business and having a life of her own. Add the perfectly handsome Zach Black and you have the best, page turning, holiday read with just the right amount of romance and intrigue to keep you hooked. I can not recommend this steamy novel enough!’

Tallaya Wood

‘Kimberley Anne, your first novel Blackout is amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed Harley and Zach’s romantic journey and look forward to your next novel.’

Cheryl Fraser